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Residential Services

Pool Deck Cleaning Service

Keeping a pool deck clean also means cleaner air around the pool and a more attractive area for sunbathing or entertaining guests. Keeping a pool deck clean is necessary for all pool owners to protect their surface materials and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more. Allow us to help you enjoy your pool more! Call Tessema Power washing today for 15% off your 6th month of summer.

Patio Cleaning Service

Just as you would regularly vacuum the floor and dust your furniture inside your house, you should keep your patio clean. Giving the patio a good power wash, wash cushions and furniture frames with a good degreaser and clean hot water. This will allow you to enjoy your time spent on your patio. At Tessema Power Washing, we put you at ease to be home, call today or schedule an appointment for a free quote.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Living in Arizona with dust, dirt, and all the above cleaning your solar is a must. Why? Solar panels can lose up to 30% or more production due to being dirty and filled with dust or bird feces. Keeping the glass panel faces clean, maximizes the system’s ability to generate electricity. Call us today and let us handle the dirty work.

Roof Cleaning Service

Why replace your roof when you can just manage it with simple power wash. The reason why a dirty roof can significantly reduce its life, causing leaks, and a bad look from any angle. Just like anything you overlook or neglect until it’s too late. Let us help you save money and your roof. Call today!

House Washing

Pressure washing your home is important. Ask my why? To protect the value of your home, and helps it look its best. Keeping dirt, mold, mildew, between shaded areas, dust, chemicals, residue that have been accumulating over time, which can lead to expensive repairs. Don’t wait any longer to pick up the phone to call us today!


Your driveway is something that you are in and out of every day. Power Washing can save your driveway from harmful growth like mold, mildew, algae, moss, and other bacteria. Who wants to pay for a brand-new driveway? If you didn’t know, the average cost of a new driveway is between 5,000
and 6,000 dollars. Tessema Power Washing can help. Our highly trained technicians have the skills and experience required to remove the hardest stains from your driveway. Don’t wait, call us today!

Oil Removal

When you have oil leaking from your car into your driveway, it can ruin your concrete, and seep in and damage your drive way. Living in Arizona does not help and makes it worse, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call today and grease away!

Commercial Services

Pressure Washing Service

Why is it important to power wash or pressure wash your business? Pressure washing your commercial property gives life to your building, improves curb appeal, most importantly, keeps you from spending thousands on repairs, removing gum, graffiti, oil, rust, dirt, and keeping your sidewalk looking clean brings you renters. If you like what you hear, call us today for 15% off first year with contract.

Building Washing

Who doesn’t want to save time and money due to repairs? I would if I could! Why not create a clean and heathy environment, why not improve your curb appeal? In other words, I don’t think it would hurt to boost the appearance of your building, increase the value of your property, and getting customers to want to rent or buy from you. At Tessema Power Washing, this is what we do best! Give us a call today for 15% off first year with contract.

Concrete Cleaning

There is no telling the amount of foot traffic your business attracts on a daily basis, or walking up and down the sidewalk. What I know by living in Arizona, there is a large amount of people. Pressure washing your concrete helps remove accumulated dirt, mold, mildew, and other unwanted substances like gum, graffiti, you know it. This method helps to restore and protect those surfaces. The Tessema Power Washing team is here to help. Contact us today for a free quote and 15% off first year with contract.

Gum Removal

Did you know that gum has chemicals that mixed with the acidity of saliva can be very damaging to concrete. In severe cases, gum can destroy concrete, leave black spots all over the concrete, and etch marks in concrete. Slow pressure washing with 250 degrees of streamed hot water, removing it safely; without damaging your concrete is what we do best! Call Tessema Power Washing today and let us clear your spot.

Graffiti Removal

Having graffiti on your walls, business, or property can steer customers away, even your lease holders. Graffiti on your property invites gang activity, and promotes crime in your area. With Tessema Power Washing, we give life to your property, immediately removing it with the best chemicals we have to do the job. Give Tessema Power Washing a call today for a free quote.

Fleet Wash Service

Customer’s love seeing a fleet company that’s different from the rest. The image of your truck plays a big role. Having a clean truck shows customers that you deliver to that you care about your company and their product, making them feel safe regarding their deliveries. They know they are receiving quality products. Let us come out today and sparkle those trucks for your customers.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Pressure Washing your parking garage is the direct view of your establishment. Customers easily assume that having a dirty parking garage will assure that the rest of the premises will be the same. Also, a dirty parking lot leads to long term damage. Oil, gum, bacteria, grease, dirt, etc. More money out of your pocket. With Tessema Power Washing, we come out and do what we do best. Let us be dirty so you can stay clean.

Construction/New Build Cleaning

After Completing a project, why have the construction team stick around. Let us come out and do the dirty work by cleaning and bringing out the best of your property, making you feel like the work you have completed is worth it. At Tessema Power Washing, we are known for cleaning windows, power washing the dust and dirt, and any unwanted grime. Why not give us a call today and let us take the pressure off your back.

Paver Cleaning and Sealer

Living in Arizona, the sun shines 365. Having pavement, requires special cleaning. At Tessema Power washing, we don’t just power wash your pavement, we bring the best out of it by making it shine and making it look new again. Power washing it and adding a seal on top of it will give it that reflection it deserves. Give us a call today for a free quote.